Reggae Singer Frankie Paul Having Serious Medical Issues In Hospital

Veteran singer Frankie Paul is said to be facing challenges to cover his medical bills.

The singer has been admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) since April of this year.

Reports are that his family is seeking public assistance to care for him and defray the mounting expenses.

“Indications are that the family has an outstanding bill of almost $1.5 million for the hospital, and is now facing an additional weekly cost of $40,000 for dialysis treatment for the visually-impaired artiste because his kidneys are malfunctioning.” Loop reports.

The report adds that he also has to pay twice weekly $20,000 dialysis treatment that has been prescribed for him and the ever-present cost for his stay in the intensive care unit at the hospital.

It is believed that Paul’s body has become swollen because of the kidney failure

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