Reggae Sumfest Could Cut Line-Up To Avoid Lengthy Band Change

The recent staging of Reggae Sumfest held at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay on Saturday Night Two was overshadowed by the long band changes between performances.

Patrons were annoyed at the long wait and the awkward silence that took over the venue in anticipation of the next act.

Aware of this, organisers have moved to assure the public that this will not be the case at the next staging of the event.

“To be honest, we had too many bands. Everybody had their own band and that was the problem. We didn’t have that problem on a Friday night because several artistes performed with the same band,” Sumfest’s Robert Russell told The Star.

Additionally, he explained that booking fewer artistes for the Saturday night may also help to solve the time issue that plagued the show this year.

Russell also pointed out that some patrons appreciated the time because they used the opportunity to get refreshments, visit the booths and use the restrooms.

Though they were ads playing in between the band changes, Russell says another factor in to look at is to ensure that patrons can enjoy beautiful music in between band changes rather than just seeing ads


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