p3Prince ALWALEED yardhype RICHEST MAN IN MIDDLE EAST – 1 Courtesy: Prince ALWALEED bin TALAL [bin Abdulaziz Al Saud], Chairman & CEO of KHC; Shadi Sanbar = CFO of KINGDOM Holding Company (“KHC”), Riyadh [P.O. Box 1, Riyadh 11321, KSA] AlWaleed Bin Talal (born 7 March 1955) is the son of Prince Talal and Mona Al Solh, the daughter of Riad Al Solh, Lebanon’s first Prime Minister after its independence. AlWaleed is Prince Talal’s second son. Al Waleed is the grandson of Saudi Arabia’s FOUNDER Ibn Saud. Whilst he is a Saudi Arabian business tycoon and investor – this was achieved AFTER he worked hard at achieving the CRUCIAL educational goals he set out to achieve – [whilst he is a senior member of the Saudi royal family]. He is the founder, CEO, and 95%-owner of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) located in the capital of KSA, Riyadh. His “personal wealth” was estimated in excess of US $18 billion – yet this money should be identified as held in TRUST by the Sovereign state of Saudi Arabia. Arabian Business (AB) might rank him as the most influential Arab in the world – yet as the financial Trustee of the Sovereign assets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) this is not at all surprising. As of January 2013, the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index” (“BBI”) which can never be an accurate representation of REAL wealth of the planet as several crucial individuals do not appear – more importantly several of the so called Billionaires are acolytes of one very rich entity based in London – if this is taken into account the BBI is identified as nothing like the reality. The BBI lists AlWaleed bin Talal as the 10th-richest man in the world, yet he should feature far, far higher if a closer representation to the truth was made transparent. [With an estimated net worth of over US $29 billion]. To truly understand any person it is CRUCIAL to ascertain a person’s personal educational achievements! Al Waleed worked hard to earn a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Administration from Menlo College in California in 1979. After further hard slog he was to earn a Master’s degree in Social Science (MSc) with honours (Hons) from Syracuse University in 1985. Not surprisingly, the staff AlWaleed bin Talal employs tend to not only have a solid educational background – but also tend to be people of integrity. It is important to be reminded about a gesture of goodwill of AlWaleed bin Talal by impulsively wanting to give a substantial cheque/check to help any person that needed support subsequent to the horrific events of Treason of 911. The cheque was present to NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani [FM] as a Trustee for the people. Some time later AlWaleed bin Talal delivered a Press Release expecting a THOROUGH INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION so horrified was he of the horrific evil events of 911. The fact AlWaleed bin Talal wanted a PROPER THOROUGH INVESTIGATION to ASCERTAIN THE TRUTH of 911 – this expectation was NEVER going to be forthcoming by the US Executive. It was totally out of the question. Immediately thereafter his cheque/check of US$10 MILLION was IMMEDIATELY RETURNED! MORAL, ETHICAL, & SPIRITUAL SOLUTION IS ALWAYS THE KEY JAW JAW – ie DIPLOMACY – NEVER, WAR WAR CONFLICT leads to INSECURITY – leads to DEATH, DISASTER, & DIVISION. WHO BENEFITS? [CUI BONO?] THE BANKSTERS that control the PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS in US, UK, & EU THE BANKSTERS control the puppet POLITICIANS – linked to the private Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”)! THE BANKSTERS are linked to the ALL POWERFUL FM web – headquartered in the City of London – the Sovereign City that controls WORLD Capital & WORLD GOLD. There are 3 Sovereign Cities in the World: i) VATICAN CITY (IDEOLOGICAL Capital); ii) CITY OF LONDON (CAPITAL Control + GOLD Control); iii) WASHINGTON DC (MILITARY Control).

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