Richie Feelings Address Spice Dissing Her Baby Father on Father’s Day

On Sunday dancehall artiste Spice took to her official Instagram account to wish herself happy fathers day which implies that her kids’ father might not be playing an active father role in their children life.

“Happy Father’s Day to me and to all the other super moms out there who’s playing double role with no regrets👊🏾 today I salute you.💙💙💙SLIDE AND SEE SOME AMAZING FATHERS who I adore over the years my father is #1 in the slide who of course is the best father in the world the great polofin may his soul RIP 🙏🏾 big up @richiefeelings1 @billboardselector @therealdjruxie_cdfantasy @world_wessy_swatch_int @navis_bomb_swatchinternational @jahblast_swatch @romeichwear who all have supported me through out the years. DU MI A BEG UNU A JUST 10 people can fit Inna the slide show happy Father’s Day 🤣 #HappySunday #HappyFathersday” Spice wrote

This was what Richie Feelings had to say about the comments Spice made:

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A man can only feel lesser if he isn’t doing what he is suppose to be doing for his kids, if he was stepping up as a REAL father should, those words wouldn’t have been spoken…bless up Spice, she is doing a fine job ‘fathering’ her kids!!! Some men only… Read more »

Bless up Richie fi dem talk deh!!

Richie mi agree with u mi boss same u say mi say it to I support u

agree with u

Spice a claim she a the father figure in the yute dem life like she think that ago help har case …