Richie Spice – Mama [OMV]

Single out on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify AUG 6 2013
Produced by: UTH music

Richie Spice:-
“Blessed present and future Mothers.” “My mother was a great and special mother, who had 11 youths and tried to bring them up the right way, show them self love and how to love each other, teach I humility, respect for self and others, she was always fair to all har youts dem, no one get no special treatment, I think everyone should respect and lift their mothers because when she is gone no one can replace that void of missing in your life”.

Mother Bonner influence I in many ways. She always tried to do the right thing along the cycle of life, she went the extra mile, provided for us, showing me survival of life’s road and this month actually marks 1 year since her passing. Her memories still live on, she was my best friend. For this mother’s day I wrote a song for her and to all the unforgettable mothers whose love can never be replaced

Mama gone on a pilgrim journey,
Still remember all the things she told me
Mama gone on a one a way flight
She said son, ‘don’t u give up the fight’
Knowledge is the key to life
Put Jah b4 and everything is alright
Love other people children like u love your own
remember greedy greedy dog will always lose his bone

Unforgettable Mama
Good mama mama
my great mama mama
mama, mama, mama, mama, maa

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