Rihanna now a Natty Dread Locks Rasta

Rihanna , the pop star from Barbados has decided to wear waist-length dreadlocks in order to show what she has on the inside. Her locks made it’s debut on Instagram to her 44 million followers.
The ‘Man Down’ singer has also revealed what has inspired the change in her appearance. As the photo of her was captioned ‘Buffalo Soldier’, this is the title of one of Bob Marley’s most famous songs. 
Rihanna’s fans, known as the ‘Rihanna Navy’ approves her new look, they are praising her for her edgy style. As it is known that ‘Buffalo Soldier’ is one of the songs that is on the ‘Confrontation’ album, by Marley and the Wailers in 1978 and released in 1983. 

Whenever the singer wears locks, she gets attention from the media. At a time when there has been controversy about the natural African hair and there has been problems in some parts of the world. With some schools rejecting students, because of their hairstyles.  
And her new look comes at a time when the dread lock style was used by the mega fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who has been setting the fashion agenda since 1986. decided to style his models with the style at New York Fashion Week recently.
It seems as though the world is changing and everyone will be embracing the change soon. But just like how it took a lot of fight and resistance to end slavery, the people of African descent will be able to love their natural hair at the end of this controversy.

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