Rob Reportedly Suing Blac Chyna ‘for strangling him with iPhone cord’

Rob Kardashian is suing ex Blac Chyna for trying to strangle him with an iPhone cord after consuming drugs and alcohol according to a new report.

The 30-year-old has made the explosive allegations in a new lawsuit according to The Blast on Wednesday.

In the documents obtained by the publication, the youngest Kardashian claims that the 29-year-old make-up mogul had drugs and alcohol in her system on the night of December 14, 2016 when a few ugly incidents had happened.

Perhaps the most damning was the allegation that Chyna had lunged at Kardashian in an attempt to strangle him with an iPhone charging cable.

He claims that he was able to escape the asphyxiation but she had chased after him and repeatedly hit him in the head and face.

Kardashian also claimed that he had suffered injuries to his neck and even documented the whole thing including rips in his shirt specifically around the collar according to the report from The Blast.

Rob must’ve known this day would come because he reportedly took pictures of his face and ripped clothing.

He also says that before the beatdown, she was on FaceTime with two of her friends and was flashing Rob’s gun and even showed it on camera.

He apparently tried to leave the house and drive away in his Bentley, but Chyna reportedly threw a chair at his car and even tried to hit him with a metal rod.

Rob kept all this a secret because he loved Chyna but now he’s over it.

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