RSNY: Lost In The FrassLane Ep.3 The Strip [VLOG]

Emerging from the gritty streets of Far Rockaway, NY, by way of Jamaica, RSNY was born when four friends combined their individual talents into one musical mega-force. Deeply rooted in their Jamaican culture, the group wanted to create music that was a reflection of who they are and where they’re from. RSNY’s mash-up of Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B is far from a generic replica of Dancehall and Hip-Hop thrown together. In addition to their music, RSNY has also captivated audiences by tearing down shows up and down the I-95
RSNY is currently working with Diamond selling reggae artist Shaggy.
Who has launched a brand new record label “Ranch Ent” which they are signed to!
Lost In The FrassLane Ep.3 The Strip: One of the best things about Memorial Day weekend in Miami…is when you hit “The Strip’!! . RSNY hits the strip HARD (pause) and we show you how we turn up on holidays. There’s sexy women everywhere! ASS EVERYWHERE!! Stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed.
RSNY Lost In The FrassLane Ep.2 Jamaica x Miami yardhype

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