Runkus – Energy | Accapella [Viral Video]

Watch this viral video from reggae artiste Runkus | Energy | Accapella, Lyrics from “Energy” on the “Move IN” EP

Nowadays is like we all afraid until we cant socialize
Too muc social lies, and social eyes
A look but nah read fi know the vibes
Him gi wi good and bad and tell we go decide
Is like wi at home a slice up a pound a irish when it all boil down to choice
Food for thought, share it out with rice
And when you at your coldest heights
Jump off and he’ll hold you tight
The meaning the force of life.
Wait, you think this happen to me overnight
It should come as no surprise
That mi Fada Determine so mi duh this ova and ova till mi can hold the mike
And it dont mean it can up and lie
And mek the youths dem grow pan lies
All you round deh suh mi know yuh type
You a di slave whey waan get sold pan sight
Marcus Garvey did vocalise
Melchezidek did vocalise
Haile Selassie di vocalise
So them can keep them vocal lies
Non socialite
Me know fi right
Me do whe me like
Nuh know fi hype
Nuh know fi fight
The local like fi close them eyes
Until them know globalize
And tour the skies
And show your worth
Can’t afford your price
What’s the amount fi growth and sight
Wisdom and love cant over price
There’s a war inside now mobilize!

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