Safaree Denies Tweeting About Wanting Nicki Minaj to Have His Baby

Safaree Samuels is calling a recent tweet regarding his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj “ridiculous.”

Things began Thursday night, with a now-deleted tweet from Samuels’ official account that read, “I really want a kid.. nicki you were suppose [sic] to have my child.. I can’t believe this life…”

Friday, Samuels took to Twitter and denied sending the previous day’s tweets.

Safaree, a rapper and TV personality, has said Meek Mill played a big part in his breakup with Nicki. In August of last year, Safaree said he and Minaj “don’t have any relationship.” In the years after their split, Samuels said he wrote some of Nicki’s early hits. He has recently claimed Meek tried to assault him.


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Correction…. not threaten , typo…. get over her & move on stupid ” do not paddle backward”

I am so SICK & TIRED of this KMT !! Why in the hell are we waisting social media forum for bullcrap like this ? Number 1 if he did it can be proven because of the the social media forum used it can be tracked / researched number 2… Read more »

Better him stick to nickki in love n hip hop