Saint International Is The Biggest Exporter Of Black Models According To Forbes

World renown business magazine, Forbes recently featured Jamaica-based model agency Saint International, founded by Deiwght Peters as the biggest exporter of black models.

“The name is Saint, and it’s the modelling agency managed out of Jamaica which has produced a slew of international runway stars over the course of almost two decades.” A Statement from Forbes website reads

“Success stories include that of Brandon Bailey, a hazel-eyed island boy who made his modelling debut on the Prada runway in Milan two years ago.”

The article also focuses on Saint’s annual Fashion Block “Each year, to celebrate his models’ (international) achievements, Saint founder Deiwght Peters shuts down Kingston’s Knutsford Boulevard – one of the city’s busiest roads – for the sake of an outdoor runway fest called Fashion Block, for one night only. Completed with a DJ set and sponsored bar, the event is open to the Kingston public, which watches in awe as the global ambassadors of Jamaican beauty strut down the runway.”

Dwight Peters’ scouting abilities are made mention of and in particular how he found Tevin Steele who was a coconut seller in Portland and who earlier this year, made his debut as a Saint Laurent model.

So how does he do it?

“Soon after starting out, I researched and observed a lot and quickly realised that most of fashion’s prestigious brands have a common theme – they want a model whose aesthetic in terms of body lines and features is consistent with their international ideals. The look must be transcontinental, as the brands are global in appeal.” Peter told Forbes.

The Saint founder now manages the careers of many international black models including Brandon Bailey (Prada, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren), Tami Williams, (Calvin Klein, Chanel), Kai Newman (Gucci, Prada, Loewe) and Naki Depass (Armani).

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