Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Gives Popcaan’s ‘Unruly Brand’ His Stamp Of Approval

Dancehall superstar Popcaan has been endorsed by American rapper/businessman Diddy.

This comes after the unruly boss post a picture on his Instagram on Friday with the captioned “1time fi the unruly fans them #unruly”

Diddy then popped up in the comment section with the unruly sign giving Popcaan his stamp of approval and sending the unruly fans into a frenzy.

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Fuck u know know bout p Diddy boi? That fish is a fish.. and the only reason him going after poppi is bc Drake n poppi link tight. .. suh p Diddy a try fi break up dem relationship by endorsing poppi brand. Drake guh get jealous n dis poppi.… Read more »

Some a pussy claat unuh weh a talk bout batty woulda well want puffy fuck unuh fi money…everyting man do fi rise some pussy like some a unuh a crab inna barrell…BIG UP POPCAAN IT’S A GREAT LOOK…Tell badmind ppl suck dem fadda hood backway

Both of you have a good points, but man like Unruly wouldn’t even respect diddy’s comment if that was diddys intention. Furthermore Diddy would be bright to even step to unruly like that. Not every men will sign that deal, wealthy or not! I heard many rumours about diddy for… Read more »

Real talk yute, diddy a big batty bowy

Bunny ppl jus a talk truth, a nuff artist diddy a sign but none a them nuh have long grevity, cuz him alway try fi fuck them r induce them ina him batty bwoy livity