Sean Kingston Proves He Is Not Broke By Buying New Porsche 911 To Add To His Mercedes-AMG

International Jamaican pop star Sean Kingston proves he is not broke by purchasing a brand new Porsche 911 in Jamaica, the luxury vehicle is priced at US $91,000 to $124,000.

His latest acquisition comes days after he copped a new white Mercedes-AMG to match his new mansion in Norbrook Estate.

Sean Kingston says it is impossible for him to be broke when he writes songs for superstars such as R&B singer Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

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What away him a mek people draw him out

Nuff respect,earn u money abroad,spen u money a yard,fuck wat dem wah say!!!!

gaza up me breada

People come on stop watching a next man lifestyle and go and hustler your own. live up yute

Respect youth live up ….enjoy you money nuh mec nuh body stop you happiness god give you your talent so only god you should listen to and be grateful to