Sean Paul Calls for “Marcus Garvey” Movie

Sean Paul is advocating for a movie to be made that illustrates the life of Marcus Garvey.
During an interview with the Breakfast Club Sean Paul, Jamaica’s most successful artiste revealed that he brought the idea to Nick Cannon who is also currently working on a movie King of the Dancehall.

“I see it as a big blockbuster movie making lots of money, and hopefully it will,” Sean Paul said. He adds that what he wants to get out of it is charity.

Sean Paul believes that Garvey is just as important to the Black race as Malcom X and in the same way a movie was done about Malcom X one should be done about Marcus Garvey.

“Every time Jamaican movies are depicted it is a lot about gangsterism and that kind of stuff, which is a big part of the culture. But there is also someone who is an important figure in terms of black liberation,” Sean Paul said of Garvey.

Marcus Garvey, a Pan-Africanist, was the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), in Jamaica in 1914.

Garvey brought inspiration to many and spoke of many people’s dreams and desires. He led the largest black movement in all of history, although there were many obstacles he had to overcome to successfully create the change he imagined.

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