Sean Paul inks major deal with Island Records

International Jamaican dancehall icon Sean Paul, has officially ended his brief stint as an independent artiste, by signing a multi-album deal with Island Records.

“Island is an iconic label. From when I was a kid I have heard and loved many artists on their roster, so it is a very familiar name to me. It was also just a very good offer – something that gives me great creative control and the space to experiment, which I’ve always wanted,” Sean told Billboard about the deal.

Sean Paul alluded to Atlantic Records’ ‘mass production’ of the music, and musicians as the reason behind his split from the label he was with for a decade. “With a big company like that they mass produce the artists and mass produce music, they clump everything together. For instance, a big producer gave me a rhythm track and I loved it. I [record] it and leave thinking: ‘This song is mine.’ And then a year later when I’m trying to put my album together I hear that another artist from the same label wanted it and did it before me.”

According to Sean Paul he has thousands of songs ready for production and release; with hopes of dropping one come November. As we speak, he is out and about working on collaborations with the likes of Shakira, David Guetta, and Afrojack, for his new album.

Listen a preview of his latest release Crick Neck, featuring Jamaican dancehall artiste and toaster Chi Ching Ching.


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