Shebada says Alkaline dun Popcaan’s clash career… Dancehall Review [Video]

Watch this video clip as estrange Jamaican entertainer Shebada gives his take on the Alkaline vs Popcaan clash. Shebada Says Alkaline “MICROWAVE” Dun Popcaan Clash Career | Shebada Defends Alkaline

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Nuff a uno weh a chat nu have woman like alkaline….u nu have ntg weh alkaline and mi sure know bk in 2016 popcaan nu have nuff song like weh alkaline have….him songs reach far…where was popcaan uno popcaan fans r so dam bias….so y uno say him a kartel… Read more »

Defend ya man shebada

Real medz, the best of dancehall is in the 90’s

Yep…..alkaline did say it to😏😏😏

Shebada a defend him man. Dwlll.