SHELLY-ANN by Michael Abrahams

Nuff respect an big up to Shelly-Ann A beautiful strong Jamaican woman Strength an beauty not just in body an face
But also inna attitude, up in her head space

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce yardhype 2

Michael Abrahams yardhype

She likkle but she tallawah

A leader not a follower

Confident yet humble

An even if she lose a race she nuh have no time fi grumble

She always look like she havin fun

Wid a smile brighter dan di midday sun

But although she always a smile an a laugh

Is crosses when di Pocket Rocket tek off

Now 2013 is her year

Yu notice di new look wid di pink hair?

Wid matchin spikes, nail polish an lipstick

Maybe dem all help her fi run quick

She was great in London but in Moscow was better

An dus out Ahoure, Okagbare and Jeter

An her 100 metre margin of victory

Was di greatest in World Championship history

In the 200 metres she step pon di pedal

An pick up another solid gold medal

An shell dung di relay when she did go hard

An anchor wi team to a championship record

Di other female sprinters mussi did grieve

An tyad fi follow back a Shelly-Ann pink weave

Tyad fi see her celebrate an ray ray

Tyad fi hear wi anthem a play

Shelly-Ann we love yu an yu mek we feel proud

Now yu rise to a level weh yu a look down pon cloud

Yu mek we know seh a nuh luck, but a hard work yu a defend

So gwaan my girl, yu dun know seh yu a track an field legend


SHELLY-ANN by Michael Abrahams

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