Shotta G looks for big break this 2014 with “Birds on ah Wire”

Shotta G was born and raised in a Gritty inner-city community in East Kingston, Jamaica called Bower Banks. He grew up listening to many reggae and dancehall acts such as Bob Marley, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, and Shabba Ranks. He then started to pen his own dancehall lyrics at the age of 10 and performed at numerous talent shows and other local showcase.

After Graduating High School, Shotta G won a scholarship to play soccer at the collegiate level. He knew this was going to be his chance to show off his hip hop skills and pursue his dreams of being a professional recording artist in the States. Shotta G has been living in the states for a while now and has been located between Saint Louis, New York, and most recently San Diego.

Shotta G is currently working on a brand new Dancehall EP, and so far we have released “Birds on ah Wire” which one the songs featured on his EP. To add, Shotta G has completed four projects along with Producer Zay titled, “The Life of a G: Season Two”, “Black and Mild Music”, “Drugstore Handicap”, and “The Demonstration”. All of which has been getting a lot of attention. He recently finished the project “The Life of a G: Season Three” but he claims that that it is not the right time to release it yet. He also plans to give his fan a second part to “The Demonstration” that will be titled, “The Uprising”.

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