SimSim and Raine Seville drops “Sexy Money”

“Sexy Money” is destined to be a Ladies Anthem! This remix is produced and released by Island Jams Records, featuring SimSim and Raine Seville.

“Sexy Money” is a new term used by independent ladies who knows that the value of a woman must be appreciated and respected, taking nothing less, but wanting more, and understanding that nothing comes cheap; but with hard work, even if not in monetary value but in effort. Sexy Money means holding one’s self to the highest standards and nothing less should be acceptable.

“Its all about the role you’re willing to play, the effort, I’m just saying!” Said Raine Seville. This year in 2016 the new talk is #Sexymoney Ladies we have your back. Let’s claim our status and defend it, Big up #SimSim2bad.

Sim Sim “Baggage is what you carry on a plane not in a relationship some man fi know dat..When We say sexy money we’re saying being in a relationship with a man makes no sense if you can’t contribute we women a get tired of that.”

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