Sizzla finally gets back US visa

Sizzla Kalonji is praising the Almighty, he got his visa and he is now ready to perform in America again. His fans will be very happy, as they can’t wait to hear his music. His lyrics have always been very good, full of deep meaning as he likes giving people a lot to think about.

Sizzla said “Praise unto the Almighty, the U.S visa has been reinstated so you know the work continues more business and tek care of the family” he has been so excited. He thanked the lawyers who worked for him and made it possible for him to get to this point.

He also spoke about the many cancelled tours and performances for the past 7 years. But he has been able to spend a lot of time in the Inner city, he was able to do a lot of community initiatives.  He was also honored at the Star Awards in 2015, after he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2014. He had written and produced his own music. He sang about many different topics on the tracks, as he always seeks to inspire positive change in Society. It has been said that he is the reigning King of Roots Reggae. And there are times when he uncovers his softer side, with songs like “Good Love”, “Woman I Need You” and “Thank You Momma”.

It is good that Sizzla will be able to travel more so that Reggae lovers in the U.S and other places that he was unable to go, will be able to enjoy his great music again. As for a while it had seemed as if Reggae Music was slipping away from the home Jamaica.

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