Sizzla I’m So Grateful With DJ Khaled Racked Up Over One Million Streams In Less Than A Day

Reggae superstar Sizzla Kolonji who was featured on the intro of Dj Khaled album “Grateful that was released today has already racked up over a million views on YouTube.

The song titled I’m So Grateful which features most of Sizzla vocals has been getting a lot of good reviews from fans.

“For those of you who don’t know, Sizzla kalonji is one of the most righteous, inspirational, powerful, wisest, and realest Rasta artist in JA 🇯🇲 big up DJ Khaled.” One fan wrote

“The melanin in our body is super powerful… The skin melanin has the ability to convert sound (music) to light and the reverse and lift people’s spirit… This is soul food music Sizzla Kalonji.. Jamaica needs to hear this track and Mavado’s unchanging love in this time when the angel of death lurks the Island for our women and children…Music is very influential, the right music of sounds enlightens, awakens, mystifies, gives hope, make you want to forgive, and open up your heart allowing peace within. We never dies. The flesh only disintegrates. There is a greater part of us that remains- the enlightened consciousness legacy. Bob Marley spoke of it… Today he still top the charts with his music. Respect to Sizzla and Mavado with these two powerful tracks. Jamaicans need them. Time to stop glorify EVIL (when you LIVE in reverse). The right music heals, teaches, edifies, directs, guides, journeys and help us becomes gods and goddesses in earth. We are Grateful that we are great beings doing great deeds! Big up DJ Khalid.” another fan wrote

Dancehall Superstar Mavado also features on the album with Unchanging Love, however, Khaled is yet to add this to his YouTube Vevo channel.

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Big up Dada mad move

b up to sizzla

Dada!!! Higher Higher Rems Higher Heights….

U fucking lucky