Sizzla Youth Foundation Making a Change in the Community of August Town

Sizzla Youth Foundation making change across the Greater August Town Community along with local leaders and Community Base Organizations. They are working with key external partners such as the, University of the West Indies, Social Development Commission, Citizen Security and Justice Program, Project Management Institute, the August Town Police, and other organizations and institutions.

Last Wednesday, the Sizzla Youth Foundation coordinated the first meeting at Judgment Yard to start the plans for the 178th Emancipation Celebration. In attendance were representatives from Community Base Organizations and community leaders from all 5 districts. The Prime Minister’s Office, UWI, SDC, and the councilor pledged their support for this year’s activities, which commence on June 1, 2016.

According to a report by Mr. Kenneth Wilson at the meeting, since the launch of the Sizzla Youth Foundation 177th Emancipation Birthday Celebration last August with over 40 different activities, the community has only recorded one homicide. The community has also recorded a major reduction in crime and violence with no homicides from the start of the year.

The initiatives to continue to push the themes of non-violence, community development, tourism, and literacy, sports development were discussed. It was revealed that the first exchange project would be held on Sunday with the New York Rugby Club and Caymans Rugby Club.

Over 30 players arrived in August Town; they were hosted at the Headquarters of Sizzla Youth Foundation at Judgment Yard. From there they were taken on a tour of sections of the community such as the Old Bedward Church and the healing stream.

There was a friendly game of rugby played amongst the different teams. The New York Ruby lost to the undefeated August Town Rugby Club. The New York team invited August Town to a rematch in New York in the upcoming months.

The Sizzla Youth Foundation has also sponsored the development of the August Town Netball Team along with a number of events such as the August Town Basic Schools football and athletic championship, the August Town Primary School sports day, also the staging of a number of football and netball competitions to foster community unity, along with games between UWI and August Town.
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There will be many activities over the summer to celebrate August Town’s 178th Emancipation Birthday Celebration. The Sizzla Youth Foundation invites individuals interested in participating to come to our meetings. The meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 42 August Town Road at 6pm. For interviews or media related questions, contact publicist Olimatta Taal 1-876-554-8969, [email protected],

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