SMH:Man Catches His Friend ‘Naked’ In His House, “Weh Yo Did Ago Do With Mi Baby Mada?” [Video]

Based on the video it appears as if it was the friend that was texting the friend and made it seems as if it was his baby mother. This after he found out his friend was “looking” his baby mother. Just another life lesson.

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I think its the baby daddy who set him up using his baby mother phone…

Okay make sense

I think him a look the girl and the tell her man.The man play like the girl text him friend him fall in the trap…that’s why him a say a me text you and tell you to buy that condom

I must say the friend is foolish to even thought about sleeping with his friend baby mama. But the girl thou has it happened before it what role she had in it all .he was naked in there. Pure nastiness

Wow! In his friend’s own house and with his woman!! Omg i applaud this young man, for thinking straight and keeping his head on his body and not act foolishly and killed him or let he the other guy killed him, bcuz it could have happen either ways…glad how it… Read more »