Spice Baby Father Says She Is Hiding His Kids & Preventing Them From Speaking

Nicholas Lall ex-fiance/baby father of dancehall artiste Spice has suggested that she is preventing him from seeing his kids following their breakup last year.

Nicholas took to his Instagram to send birthday wishes to their son who is now ten where he reflects on earlier days taking care of his son while Spice was busy touring.

“I still remember like it’s yesterday when i was changing your diapers and getting up at nights to make your bottles,” He wrote. “Wow time flies still can’t believe your 10 already.”

He also suggested that Spice was keeping their kids away from him.

“I love you my prince i’m always your daddy i’m always your hero, your always my don my general nothing or no one can change that they can hide you and prevent us from speaking, but it’s only going to be a matter of time you’re getting older daddy loves you endless i’m wishing you a happy birthday AIMAR Daddy loves you.”

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She was hurt ,spice act bcoz of her emotions. If ur ex keep talking things and not helping with his child and gonna let it seems like ur keeping the child away u would too. Ppl don’t normally understand other persons situation unless they have been in it too

Go fuck batty cause dutty dog you love shit ass ole a come bright up you dam self the woman nah stop that boy from seeing him kids but because you so occupied a dig out asshole you dont know that ,spice alway pon tour if that boy want to… Read more »

Spice never did afto sey way sh sey too

Ah ppl man spice did teck weh eno… karma then get her ass back di man left r…. then look what she’s doing… how can you keep kids from their father if he’s a good dad.. smh.. tell u bout dem

Mario Campbellthat is exactly one a di many reasons why certain things caaa stop, how the fuck she fi pregnant wid yu yute an then a talk bout she have foreign man an nuh want yu inna yu yute life smh. Mi know exactly wa mi woulda do still cuz… Read more »