Spice Claps Back At Critics That Accused Her Of Copying Blac Chyna

Spice recently came under fire when fans accused her of copying Blac Chyna when she wore her pastel unicorn wig in Grand Cayman just days after the Video Vixen/Model.

However, according to Spice she rocked the look first and is just recycling the style after wearing it last year during her Reggae Sumfest performance.

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“When they say mi follow blac chyna i know clearly that they didn’t see me @reggaesumfest last year 🤣 So let me do a Indicator trow back “Left” is today “right” is last year July 2016 @puddonplussweet you slayed both color like a so mi born #BaddestStylistaJamaica” Spice captioned on her Instagram.

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Kmt each one teach one! I’m sure black China wasn’t the first to do what she did …. F*ck out of here with unuh bullsh*t n leave ppl alone who tf is black China anyways kmt

Spice work hard fi her money so she can buy whatever she want

Spice as females artist STARTED wearing blue hair FIRST so how black chyan come inna dis

Unu move and gwey a long time spice a wear color hair and it fit har fe a black lady..but as a matter of fact,hair did mek fe one somebody wear?

Give me Chyna any day