Spice Had Some Choice Of Words For Her Baby Father After He Accused Her Of “Hiding His Kids”

Nicholas Lall ex-fiance/baby father of dancehall artiste Spice took to his Instagram today to wish their son happy tenth birthday but he also used the opportunity to throw some shade.

He suggested that Spice was preventing him from seeing his kids following their breakup last year.

“I still remember like it’s yesterday when i was changing your diapers and getting up at nights to make your bottles,” He wrote. “Wow time flies still can’t believe your 10 already.” he wrote

“I love you my prince i’m always your daddy i’m always your hero, your always my don my general nothing or no one can change that they can hide you and prevent us from speaking, but it’s only going to be a matter of time you’re getting older daddy loves you endless i’m wishing you a happy birthday AIMAR Daddy loves you.” he said

Spice was not here for the shade today as she took to Facebook to throw fire at her baby father.

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Spice mi n yuh ina a similar position continue being strong yah mumz. One question tho why when bf and bm left _the bf dem mek it seem like we are obligated to engage into sex or else dem withdraw themselves from the child’s life…. #DEM_LOVE_CARRY_PSSY_Flngs yah man kmt….seems like… Read more »

Same way Spice, them caan handle strong women, only know how to talk rubbish and nah help out financially!!!!! Ole fool them

A strong she strong lol

Spice keep up the good job u are doing mek the waste boy gwan

Girl real talk .it happen to me to an mi afi run d duty boy