Spice Praised By Vogue (Magazine) As “Fashion Forward Queen of Dancehall”

Spice performance at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night One has caught the attention of Vogue (Magazine) who labeled her as fashion-Forward Queen of Dancehall.

Vogue is the world’s leading authority on all things fashion but also covers other components such as beauty, culture, living, and runway.

The Magazine describes Spice performance as ‘most show-stopping’ at Reggae Sumfest

“While there was a veritable runway of festival style on the ground at Red Stripe’s Reggae Sumfest last weekend, the most show-stopping look appeared when Spice hit center stage for her late-night set. The dancehall singer arrived on a four-poster bed, replete with satin sheets and fluffy marabou pillows, to perform her bawdy hit, “Sheet.” The article reads.

“It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall. It gives me a title that sets a high standard for me, in my books. Over the years, I’ve always been trying to bring that authentic dancehall fashion to a next level with my colourful wigs and risky dancehall style. Coming from Vogue, it’s really a big deal for me,” Spice told The Star.

“Her electrifying stage shows are always kicked up a notch by elaborate bodysuits and a rotation of colourful wigs that recall an early Nicki Minaj.” A part of the article on Vogues website written by Deidre Dyer reads.

However, Spice rejected the comparisons as according to her she has been wearing colour wigs since 1999.

You can the full article here.

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Hope the fame doesn’t change you or let it go to your head spice because I have seen some that they are not themselves anymore


CONGRATS hard work pays off . WORK, get yuh money ,praise god and mind yuh business