Spice Responds To Mavado’s Claims

Dancehall artiste Spice has denied forcing Mansion records’ artiste ShakOne out of her collaboration with Mavado on the single called Cheat On Me. According to Spice, she was not told that another artiste was expected to do her part or she would not have agreed to lay her voice on the track. Spice said she was told by the producers that preparations were made for her to collaborate with Mavado. However, no mention was made of ShakOne.

“I just came back from my European tour and I’m mad at the producers for making me do a collab with Mavado without his knowledge. Now that I’m back, I am hearing all sorts of stories, and I just want it to be known that I was not aware of any other artiste or artistes who were supposed to be on the track except Mavado. I was hired to fill in a blank track with Mavado’s voice only, and I wrote my own lyrics and filled in the missing parts,” Spice said.

Spice claims that she has been informed that Mavado does not approve of the song because of her past affiliations.

“I am now hearing that Mavado is trying to sabotage the track and that he didn’t want to collab with me because I did a collab with Kartel. That is so petty. All of this negative energy is unnecessary to me right now, because I literally just landed and I have a lot of track deadlines to meet for other people before I leave the island again,” she said.

The Ramping Shop deejay is not happy with the manner in which Mavado chose to handle the situation. She believes the artiste should have communicated with the producers of Cheat On Me before bringing the issue to the media.

“I don’t want Mavado to think for one minute that I hijacked the song, because that isn’t the case. This is an issue he should be discussing with the relevant production parties and should have handled the situation differently. And even though he’s in the streets and online saying things, I’m going to be diplomatic and I’m still gonna support his music and I wish him all the best,” Spice said.

Unlike Mavado, while sharing his side of the story, Spice named the producers and encouraged them to continue promoting the song.

“I want to say a big thank you to Big A from Irie FM, because I stayed all the way in Europe and heard that he premiered the track with a big bang, and also big up Banky for pushing the track,” Spice said. Meanwhile, the producers of the song, RPR Music Productions, in a release last night, apologised to Mavado for what it termed mistakes made.

“RPR Music Productions would like to apologise to Mavado and Spice for mistakes made in the release of the new single Cheat On Me. We sincerely regret the situation and would like to make it clear that no disrespect was intended to anyone, and in fact this is a just a very bad case of miscommunication,” the release said.

“Our biggest mistake is that we are somewhat novices and allowed a third party to become involved in securing the necessary documentation. Although we were told that the third party had secured the necessary documentation, that was not the case. It still remains our mistake, however, and for that we are truly sorry.”
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