Spice says relationship with long time Boyfriend is over

Following what she describes as a surprising act of jealousy on the part of her fiancé, Nicholas Lall, dancehall artiste Spice says she has decided to end her relationship with him. of being outside the courtroom because of a voir dire The issue all came to the fore on Monday when Lall posted three pictures of Spice and another man hugging each other on his Facebook and Instagram pages. Seemingly upset, he also posted, “I have taken a lot … where your music is concern, but this is too … far now. I wasn’t even informed about this scene, and now you claim it’s So Mi Like It video?” In response, Spice also took to social media. “Since as the pics bun you so much that you decide to post on your IG and FB pages, let me help you. @NicholasLall, how dare you take pics from my phone and post them up knowing they’re pics from my So Mi LikeIt video? Like, seriously, then you say you are a man? What’s in these pics to be so mad about? The worst thing about it is that we live together, so if you don’t like sumting you talk to me and don’t broadcast mi … business. Hope you know now that #ITSOVER,” she said in her post on Instagram. Since making the post on Monday, Spice yesterday confirmed that her relationship with Lall is in fact over. “Mi nuh know if we will get back together, but for now, it’s over,” Spice told THE STAR in a telephone interview. “Mi nuh play dem game deh. We have two kids together, but as it is now, I am really mad at him,” she said. Spice went on to explain that the pictures Lall posted were scenes from her So Mi Like It music video that will be premiered this weekend on CVM TV’s On Stage. She said the music video was shot a few weeks ago. “Mi still inna shock and mi still disappointed. Mi neva think that necessary ’cause him know seh a mi work mi a do,” she said. “After work, mi go back to Grace Hamilton. Him know him nuh have nutten fi worry bout. Mi nah cheat pon him and I am a very loyal person, so mi nuh know weh him a get jealous fa.”

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