Spice says ‘So Mi Like It’ took her to another level

While Spice assumed the public would like ‘So Mi Like It’, she had no idea that it would eventually bring her the level of success that it has in the past year.

“I didn’t expect it to be so huge, but from the moment I recorded it, I knew it was gonna be a hit. I remember saying ‘if da song ya nuh buss, mi ago give up on music’,” Spice said of the song that has more than 14 million views on her YouTube page.

She, however, stressed that the song did not become a hit overnight. Instead, she said quite a bit of street promotion went on after the release.

Not only has the song received views, it has also resulted in Spice getting numerous shows around the world.

“I am booked every week and I have two or three shows every weekend because of the song. I feel like I need a clone because, even when I am booked, people are requesting me,” she said, adding that she has been doing shows in Europe, South America and most of the Caribbean countries.

In a male dominated field, Spice said she is happy that she is able to headline shows on her own.

“The good thing is that it is Spice in concert. I am the only headliner. It feels good as a woman to know that over 2,000 people come to a club just to see you,” she told THE STAR.

Although she said this is her second most successful song, Spice still believes So Mi Like It has further to go.

“It is my second most successful song because Romping Shop hit the Billboard, and there is still room for this to hit the Billboard, based on the radio requests overseas,” she said.

Meanwhile, Conjugal Visit – her most recent collaboration with Vybz Kartel – has over four million views on YouTube. She said she has also released the music video for Bend Ova and plans to release the video for Back Bend soon.

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