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A dat me a seh to suppose spice sick and nobody no deh nearby fi carry r to d hospital I sure he would be able to do it wise up Jamaicans and stop being a punk

Me see Chinese have them kids a drive on the road and it’s not a problem so how them a lick out on spice that bout we only a few of us teach our kids fi have confident in them self the other race of people teach their kids from… Read more »

Leave d damn woman alone, gosh jamaican ppl nuh have nuttn fi duh but watch ppl n criticize n nuff a we dweet, but because she a celebrity everybody expect perfection, she is a celebrity for christsake not “jesus the perfect lamb” kmt infact nuttn nuh wrong wid it

Really so hw this become a social issue. Man unuh talk bout d rhatid taxation weh out n already a hit we n pay nah raise. Smh

Proud of her great mom