Sting 2015 locked off early by Police, Upset patrons throw Bottles

Last night’s Sting Jamaica 2015 show was brought to an end earlier than what patrons were expecting this causing some form of chaos and bottle throwing in the wee hours of the morning.

The show did seem to be going on well, for the most part before the Police locked it off.

Because of the early shut-off:

  • No clash between Ninja Man, Gully Bop, and Merciless
  • Beenie Man and several others did not get to perform

One Patron said “Look how sting empty, jus big and empty, mi hate sting, police come lock it off, watch deh”. Several other patrons were asking for their money back.

We are still not certain what caused the show to end this early about 6:00 am, however sources are saying that there were security concerns hence the Officers cut the plug. No official statement from the Promoters as yet on the matter.
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