Sting2014: Sparta takes on Gage, Foota Hype, Bounty Killer

The 31st edition of Magnum Sting will be loud as the event will highlight the hottest dance crazes over the years.

Shining a bright light on dancing in the dancehall, Magnum Tonic Wine’s special segment is designed to showcase the authentic thrill dancers produce from moves they create. This year’s hottest moves will be on exhibition from the stars that created them.

Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers’ ‘Syva’ and ‘Shampoo’ will be on display, along with the ‘Kreech’ from Bling Dawg and ‘Kreecha’, among other leading dance moves.

Magnum Sting 2014 wants to convey the excitement of the dance culture for patrons to revel in the experience.The special Magnum feature will showcase popular dances all the way back to the heydays of Bogle, that rocked the dancehall such as ‘Bad Man forward’, Skip to my lou’, the ‘Holiday Swing’ and most recent moves such as ‘Way Up and Stay Up’.

Sophia Fairman,J Wray & Nephew’s group brand manager, Fortified Wines and Liquors, explained the reason for the special dancing segment.

“Dancing has always been a major element of the dancehall culture, and Magnum Tonic Wine is paying homage to this truly Jamaican sensation that both women and men enjoy. Just like our fashion, our dancing is another way we, as Jamaicans, express ourselves, and it is how we display our character and unique flavour. Patrons should expect an amazing showcase of our dances over the last two decades, and we promise a few surprises the fans won’t soon forget.”

The dancing segment will be the transition between the reggae and dancehall shows.

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