Stop Prettying Up Your Testimonies!…Pepita Slams Unworthy Christians

Former TVJ’s Intense host Pepita Little has confessed to having indecent relation with the pastor’s son from of her old church and revealed that they were doing ‘ungodly’ things.

Pepita was speaking on Ian Boyne’s Religious Hardtalk, which was aired on TVJ Tuesday night.

“They put on this facade of perfection and they pretty up their testimonies. And they don’t tell you that ‘I had sex with three men when I first got saved and it tore me apart, but I just could not stop having sex. But you know what I had to do? I had to fast, I had to pray’ … You keep feeding me scriptures. Scriptures are wonderful but if I don’t understand the scripture how is it going to help me?” she said

The former television show host also shared a message she claims she received from God to give Christians who are not walking on the right path. “God says that he is going to take away everything if you continue to be in service without integrity.”

Pepita wants the church to not just pray for those in need but to also provide monetary assistance.

“If you know that I don’t have any money, call me and say ‘here is $5,000, where you want me to reach you?'”

‘When I tell you that I don’t have any shoes, don’t pray for me enuh. Gi me one a your shoes dem,” she added.

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Pastor, prophetess,deacon, bishop a fornicate , dem pickney a fornicate….but dem a tun up dem nose at you .Still dem walk and a preach the “word”.Clean up yuh house b4 yuh try clean up other ppl own. Pretender dem. Mi love seh she a speak out pon the hypocrite dem.

Pastorship is a business. ..ppl are stupid to the facts…

She talks the truth yes!! But I think because of her openness n her background with her mom n dad ppl will say that she is mad or in depression,but pep I’m praying for in Jesus name

No weapon that form against u shall prosper,some help her bf the devil snatch her away,please,stop talking n help,if I could help her I will but I only can pray n fast for her,I understand exactly what she is going through,u have to be in the situation to know trust… Read more »

Woooooooooeeeeei mnl enuh Troy Brown