Street In Namibia Set To Be Renamed In Honor Of Marcus Garvey

Culture Minister Olivia Grange, revealed that the government of Namibia in Africa has decided to rename the main street in its capital city in honour of Jamaica’s national hero Marcus Garvey.

Speaking at the recent 130th-anniversary celebration of the birth of Marcus Garvey, in St Ann’s Bay Grange said both the governments of Jamaica and Namibia have been in discussions relating to Garvey for some time resulting in this decision.

Main Street in Namibia, capital of Windhoek is known as Back Street and Ms Grange said she is looking forward to the day when it is renamed Marcus Garvey Street.

The renaming ceremony will take place later this year and Ms grange said she will be taking a delegation to that country for the event.

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Great he is from our island

Was a great man

Black God

Great idea!
Good move!