Sumfest Reassures The Public That There Will Be No Stampede During Alkaline’s Performance

Organisers of Reggae Sumfest have moved to reassure the public that the incidents that marred Alkaline’s New Rules performance and most recently the cancellation of his show in Brixton will not occur at their event.

“We have no concerns in that department. We are fully organised when it comes to crowd control,” he said. “We have had bigger artistes than Alkaline perform in the past, and we have never had any such issues. There are several gates where patrons will be allowed to enter from, and we have always had adequate security at our event. Plus, our venue can accommodate the crowd that is expected to turn up,” Russell told The Weekend Star.

Alkaline was forced to release a statement the cancellation of his show in Brixton on Sunday night which left many disappointed.

According to reports promoters were forced to cancel the show citing security reasons.

We apologize to all our fans who came out to see Alkaline at the O2 Brixton Academy. The statement reads

It was an unfortunate situation, as the artiste himself was disappointed, he was ready to perform for his fans. However, as a result of failure to control the crowd, and the assessment of potential damages, the event could not go on and for this we apologize to the fans and all who were affected as a result. Alkaline wrote on his official website

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