T.O.K member Bay-C disappointed with Flexx’s exit

T.O.K member Bay-C says he’s disappointed with Flexx following his decision to leave the group after more than 19 years.

Flexx tells Music News that his focus is now on Double X. The former T.O.K member says it is difficult working in a group when other individuals are concentrating on different agendas.

So what does this mean for the talented all male group? According to Bay-C, he’s disappointed that Flexx is blaming the other members as his reason for leaving the group. Bay C further explains that T.O.K has been plagued by other issues which include a lack of organization and poor promotion.

Flexx’s departure of the group leaves the awesome foursome with just three members. It is still not clear if the remaining members of T.O.K will continue with the group.

When Craigy T was contacted he was unsure of the saga while efforts to get a comment from Alex were futile.

The band which started in 1996 are best known for hits such as “Footprints”, “Gal You Ah Lead”, “Chi Chi Man”, “Eagles Cry”, “Guardian Angel”, “Money 2 Burn”, “She’s Hot”, “Hey Ladies”, “The Voice” and “I Believe”.

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