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India’s Water Crisis – Warning to the World [Video Doc]

The Indian state of Punjab is undergoing a severe water crisis. Once an agricultural leader in India, it’s now turning into a desert. Farmers and other rural dwellers are going bankrupt over the need to pay for water delivered from other regions. In this drastic situation, the number of suicides …

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Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children [Video]

Watch this documentary about Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children. Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born with “indigo” auras and possess special and supernatural traits and abilities.

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Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine [Video Doc]

In Colombia, the heirs to Pablo Escobar’s drug empire are conducting business as usual — though with a somewhat lower profile. Today’s Medellin drug cartels are highly structured and run much like multinational corporations. But violent gangs operating in the city’s slums provide the muscle; known as combos, they’ve carved …

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