Tanya Stephens bashes Lady Saw… Tells why she is still upset with her

Lady Saw has been seen as the queen of the dancehall for a long time. But she  recently announced  to the world the shocking news that she is converted to Christianity,  and will no longer be performing the way she did before. She will not be performing with the Dancehall music that she is famous for, Because she will now be a devoted child of God.

The former dancehall diva cancelled all her previously scheduled performances as a way of changing her lifestyle. And even though she will not be earning as before ,she has said she doesn’t care about the loss.  She also decided that she would write an open letter, apologizing to all who she might have offended in the past , like fellow female dancehall artistes Spice, Tifa and Macka Diamond. As she has now decided to embark on a new path, and wants to start over her life with a clean slate or a clean heart.
But Tanya Stephens wasn’t impressed with Lady Saw’s apology and decided to write a post about it on Facebook, she felt that both herself and Lady G should have been some of the persons that  Lady Saw should have apologized to, so she wrote a post,  to voice her opinions on the apology, saying it was like a joke.

Tanya SAID:
“I’m listening out for a clear and detailed apology first to Lady G and then to myself,” she wrote on her wall. “Maybe then I’ll think it’s a little less laughable. A no di one weh shit a pass memba, a di one weh tep in deh! Jamaica, for the new year you simply must stop misdiagnosing mental illness and bad behaviour of spoil brats.”

But some of the people that left comments under the post did not like what she was saying, they thought she was being childish. Even though she did not write the name ‘Lady Saw’ , people knew who she was talking about, and they defended Lady Saw, saying it was good that she had given her life to God. And it seems as if they thought Tanya Stephens should just let go of the past and move on, as only time will tell if the change in Lady Saw’s life is genuine. And all we can do is wait and see what will happen in the future. As Lady Saw could have simply said, she was sorry for hurting some people in the past and moved on. She didn’t need to call names, but she did , so maybe she would get to Tanya’s name another time. 

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