Tanya Stephens Defends Ishawna Over Disrespectful Miss Lou Comment

On Friday Veteran Recording artiste Tanya Stephens took to her Instagram to defend Ishawna over comments she made about Miss. Louise Bennett-Coverley.

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou” Ishawna captioned on her Instagram.

The comment triggered a heavy backlash from fans including well known talk show host Dr Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart and Mutabaruka.

However, Ishawna has received support from fellow controversial deejay Tanya Stephens who have also been getting backlash in recent times over comments she made about former opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller.

“Jamaicans really need to stop mandating their self imposed limitations.” Tanya captioned in a post.

See Below.

Jamaicans really need to stop mandating their self imposed limitations.

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Tanya Stephenson that’s not the point. Whether we a wear it or not nuh mean we ago Dis it and moss Lou doesn’t wear table cloth. She wears the Jamaican bandana, a respected article of clothing and for ishawna to style it as a table cloth it shows ignorance and… Read more »

Tanya ishawna two pieces of shit too big for the toilet so they just floating around

True Tanya nobody not dressing like miss Lou and if ishawna Neva say that a nuff hypocrite ppl would not even remembered say she use to give some good Jamaican slang rip miss Lou

The head line alone mek me vex star…. ishawna wrong n shouldn’t make such statement n tanya Stephen a pick up fe her…kmt

Look like yuh a look ishawna fi recruit next fi suck out mek yah defend Har suh! She was dead wrong to say such a thing about miss Lou