Tanya Stephens: ‘Miss Lou didn’t liberate me,’ Defends Her Controversial Stance On Cultural Icon

Veteran entertainer Tanya Stephens continues to defend her stance on cultural icon Louise Bennett-Coverley.

Tanya received backlash after defending what have been perceived as disparaging remarks against ‘Miss Lou’ made by fellow entertainer Ishawna.

“mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou” Ishawa captioned

Stephens explained her Stace in a video posted on her Instagram page.

“He who says one needs to know one’s past to know one’s future must have never heard of amnesia. I’m open to learning from those who actually HAVE something to teach! While you are busy being the OWNER of Jamaica and the rewriter of history do remember that ALL Jamaicans have EQUAL franchise on this rock!” She wrote next to the video


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I don’t give her any right to say what she did but how people ago so hot fi her n wah kill her over that.. an a them same 1 a vote for the politicians who would sell miss lou if a foreign country name a price for her image?… Read more »
LETS SEE WHOS SOUL IS LOST IF ITS ME OR U.. Where was the outrage for when the government..a sell out air Jamaica a national treasure n part of our culture? Where was it for goat island? Where was it for cement company? Where was it for bauxite? Japan wanted… Read more »

Tanya jus a look a forward!!!! She jus wanna be in the spotlight….

Where is Tanya now nowhere to be found suck out ur mother Tanya Stephen fucking ugly like

Good point. However, why do you assume “it’s” a woman… Tanya is clearly confused in her head and as suchis very bitter person!