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See why we can’t move forward as a country….justifications like these makes authority take us for idiots…so you have no sympathy for women who gets raped because they take things from men but doesn’t want to put out?…..There are way too many teachings about how a woman should behave yet… Read more »

I wondered about her countless songs a bun a fire pon men…..now i know. Blessup to Tanya for speaking out. This world is harsh….

Yes its a lot of hurt but I’m stronger and for those who hurt me their day will come and I wish them nothing but goodness and that god will be able to forgive them

They are dogs dirty dog they should amputate their penis lord know many of us at suffering in silence take courage sister god is with you

Mzindependent Kay Kareen Mowatt-Degouth O’neish A Degouth