TESSANNE by Michael Abrahams #24September2013

Twitter blow up like nuclear bomb, Facebook wall nuh stop post pon, YouTube video doh stop play, Newspaper cover story next day

tessanne_chin the voice yardhype

Michael Abrahams yardhype

24 September 2013

Mi eye glue to mi living room flat screen

Totally focus pon mi tv

A tek een “The Voice” pon NBC

A watch people a tell dem hard luck story

An hit di stage in search of glory

An hope di judge dem turn around

An sen dem on into di nex round

Pop, county, R&B, rap, rock

Me hear dem sing but me a watch di clock

Den when two hour almost pass

Me realize dem save di best fi last

When dem introduce Tessanne

Pandemonium spread across di land

Den in her sexy heel wid spike

She step up an approach di mike

All across wi island nation

We waited wid anticipation

But as soon as she let off two sound

Di four judge dem quick time tun round

Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine

Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green

Could not resist the urge to spin

An kin dem teet and show some grin

Me get goose bump an start feel high

An teardrop creep inna me two eye

Di way she mek me feel so proud

When she bus di song so sweet an loud

Den di judge dem gi her argument

Bout how dem rate her vocal strength

But di place did mash up when she utter

Dat singin is her bread an butter

Twitter blow up like nuclear bomb

Facebook wall nuh stop post pon

YouTube video doh stop play

Newspaper cover story next day

She represent we madd abroad

Her ting tun up an she go hard

Yeah man Tessanne shell dung di place

An now dem a go tyad fi see her face

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