The World’s First Vagina Museum To Open In The UK

Headed by science YouTuber Florence Schechter, the Vagina Museum would provide an educational look at female anatomy from multiple perspectives. The vagina-owner is planning three sections to the museum, science, culture and history, in order to offer an exhaustive array of information about our lady bits – a resource that does not yet exist.

“There is a penis museum in Iceland, which is pretty cool. But there’s no vagina museum anywhere. In the whole world. There are travelling art pieces, mini galleries and a virtual museum. but there is no place dedicated to the female anatomy. Said Schechter.

“I was pretty upset about this, but I realised there was only one place to rectify this. And that was to make my own vagina museum. She adds

“The thing about it is though is that as no one has done it before, I have to do quite a bit of development and research before I get it off the ground.” Schechter said.

According to Schechter, “half of young British women can’t locate the vagina on a diagram.” And yet, a new awareness of the lack of education surrounding vaginas has people – including, of course, Schechter – working towards fixing this in an array of ways.

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