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If y’all would stop comparing alkaline to vybz kartel you would realize that the bloodclat man lit asf vybz mi seh but this about alkaline 3 year and the man deh pon a new level low the bloodclat man that’s why the man fi bill a name over seas and… Read more »
Kmft whole a unu a bomboclat ediat… Unu hop off a di man name mon… Di man bad nuh bloodclat with him lyrics unu can bloodclat sing.. One bag a lip lip and tlk bout dis and that. Bum mi fi di likkle waste bomboclat people dem yuh si .none… Read more »

Alka thing large man. Yow mi rate alka u fuk. The way how the man thing large all white man waa tak him on

Dwl weh all a d detta fans dem deh???dwl all d white a back addi
Betta detta kool…

This report is fake he wasn’t firing shots at anyone he was having fun with his bros he went viral…