Tommy Lee Got His First Child At Age 14, Now Has Seven Children

Dancehall superstar Tommy Lee Sparta recently revealed that he became a father at the age of 14 whilst he was in Grade 7 at Anchovy High School, having impregnated a Grade 11 student.

The Montego Bay based deejay says he dropped out of school in Grade 10 to help take care of his responsibilities and by that point, he was a father of two.

“Me get yute from early, from me about 14. Me get me first yute from me inna seven grade,” Tommy Lee Sparta told the Star. “It nuh good fi get yute from early. It depends still, but me nuh regret it,” Tommy Lee adds.

The good thing for the uncle demon deejay was the fact that his mother allowed his baby mother at the time to move into the house with them due to the fact that she never wanted him to stray further.

Overall, Tommy Lee said he grew up in a good family.

“Mi just come out hardcore, alone. One brother is a solider, another sister is a Christian, one brother is a manager at a hotel,” Tommy Lee said.

Now, at 28, Tommy Lee has seven children.

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Think a chattingz

Big up u self sparta

A lot of respect to the Sparta boss

A bagga things u did a gwaan wid mi boss yes gwaan same way ya mi watch noting

every man pon di Sparta a balla