Tommy Lee Questions lastest “Statement” From Vybz Kartel

Since Vybz Kartel’s incarceration many notes and statements have circulated allegedly written/sent from the ‘worl boss’, without much authenticity as to whether they really are the words/wishes of the controversial deejay. Now his latest alleged statement is also being question by fellow deejay and former Gaza Empire Tommy Lee whom this latest note classified as an “undignified moron”.

Though a close associate of Kartel, has claimed that it was authentic Tommy Lee Sparta and his team still wonders how it all came about.

According to Tommy Lee’s public relations representative, Keona Williams, “It has reached our attention, however, we cannot confirm its authenticity. Tommy has explained he is clueless to how this statement came about … As far as we know there is no conflict that exists between Tommy Lee Sparta and the Worl’Boss …

He (Tommy Lee) is on good terms with the Gaza which he has always been loyal to.”

“Vybz Kartel good, me and him good and me nuh see wah mi cudda do weh him cudda pree mi cah mi nuh do nutten out a di way. Mi loyal to di ting,” Tommy Lee said.

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