Tommy Lee Sparta lawyered-up for Dominica deportation case

The deportation case for Tommy Lee Sparta from Dominica, which started in 2014 is changing.
Cabral Douglas the Party promoter had launched a US$3 million lawsuit against the Dominican Government. And now he has retained one of England’s top barristers, Dr. Leslie Thomas. Who is due to lead the litigation phase of the case, which is set to begin in Trinidad on October 20.
Douglas who is the son of former Prime Minister Rosie Douglas, feels confident that there will be no backlash from the government, as this Labour Party that is now in office, has always stood for human rights. Leslie Thomas QC LLB LLD has also been retained, he is one of the UK’s leading human rights barristers. He brings a lot of court room experience and knowledge about high profile cases to the table. Douglas is very excited to have the barrister on board as is determined to win the case.

Tommy Lee Sparta has also retained the services of a Jamaican lawyer, Bert Samuels who heads his legal team, now awaits a response from the Jamaican Attorney General regarding a settlement for a claim with the Government of Dominica. 

Douglas believes that since Caribbean countries encourages free movement of citizens between member states. His father who died in 2000 would be very supportive of him in this matter. As he was a champion for human rights, he was even prepared to face jail, in defense of human rights in Canada. So that is why Douglas is so determined to do all he can for the 4 Jamaican claimants. 

As they were locked up in terrible conditions, in a jail cell that was unfit for even a dog. This should never have happened in a time when we have free enterprise, civil liberties and so many rights. It is felt that no amount of money can replace the fact that the Jamaicans were stripped of their dignity.

However the loss of money due to the cancellation of the concert,in February 2014 is being considered , as Tommy Lee and the three member of his team , Tiasha Oralie Russell, Junior Fraser and Mario Christopher Wallace were deported the day after they arrived in Dominica.  The artiste didn’t get a chance to perform at the concert in Portsmouth, even though all the plans were made. 

It is believed that prior to his arrival, the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches had called for a boycott of Tommy’s concert. They had raised concern about the artiste’s glorification of Satan and his promotion of violence.

But in a country where there is such a serious problem with crime and violence, I think it is time for artistes to think more about the lyrics they choose, as other countries will not want to import crime from Jamaica. And they might see songs that glorify the gun as something that is bad for the ears of the teenagers in their country. And our Jamaican artistes should not wonder why they are not wanted in some places. There are Jamaican artistes like Beres Hammond, Shawn Paul and others who have been in the music business for many years and they have not had these problems. It would be good if their example could be followed. 

Even though it is sad that they were locked up in filthy conditions and that is bad, it would be good if the Dominican Government had provided better accommodation for them, as there was a break down in communication with the people who organised the concert. The whole trip could have been cancelled if there was better communication among the promoters and the Dominican officials. 

Tommy Lee Sparta has a number of hit singles, like ‘Spartan Soldier’, ‘Psycho’, God’s Eye’, ‘Get Money’ and ‘Militancy’ 

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