Tommy Lee Sparta Promises Lawsuit Against The State That Could Cost Tax Payers $20-million

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta plans to sue the state for $20 million in damages caused by cops.

According to his attorney Ernest Smith, taxpayers could be left with a $20-million burden as his client faced discrimination, and that his rights as a citizen have been breached by the police who refuse to grant permits for shows on which he has been booked,

“You cannot restrain a man from getting employment unless he is prohibited from doing so by incarceration,” Smith told The Star.

His attorney argued that his client has been prevented on several occasions by certain police officers from engaging in his profession of entertainment.

“He has had to be pulled from several shows because police officers have threatened the organisers and the promoters to cancel their licences if Tommy Lee is on the show.”

“The man is not incarcerated. You have an entertainer who is incarcerated, serving years for murder, and he is able to do videos, have new songs out there, and a man who is accused of an offence of which I am confident I am going to win, you are preventing the man from earning a living,” Smith said.

In the meantime, Tommy Lee’s case is set for trial in the Home Circuit Court next month.

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Tommy Lee need fi bill .. An if him nuh bill him ago get weh him a lock fa from the government !!

Police n officers who did wrong shud b held responsible n pay ….not talk bout tax payers money ….if I do wrong I pay on person …y not public officers ? ….smh

Good cause him fi talk😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kartel n anybody else wey dey prison a record.. Y?

Sue them Guzu