Tommy Lee Sparta Says He Regrets Not Getting A Better Education

Montego Bay based deejay Tommy Lee Sparta who recently revealed that he dropped out of school in 4th form having fathered two children by then wishes he was more educated.

“Mi wish mi did more brighter right now. Mi educated, enuh, like mi smart and mi can represent miself, and if yuh talk to me yuh will know that. Mi can read and write, enuh, but mi wish mi did more educated,” he said.

Though the deejay says he can represent himself he regrets that he never paid more attention to literature as it would have benefited him tremendously with his music career.

Tommy Lee got his first child at the age of 14 while in Grade 7 at Anchovy High School, having impregnated a Grade 11 student. Now, at 28, Tommy Lee has seven children.

However, the deejay said that his children have no choice but to attend school whether they like it or not.

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Go get it bro…U already made the 1st step….one step at a time. Likkle by likkle…

Never too late to further your education, this statement simply show you have the ambition, so go ahead and go after that precious commodity called education